In the early 1980s the “Flexipop!” magazine came with singles, or maybe whole tapes or albums, presenting the “new wave” of modern music (at the time so much of it was dug deep from the underground). Years ago in the late 1990s these CDr compilations started showing up. So far there are at least ten “Tribute to Flexipop” comps and ten “Return of Flexipop” comps that I know of. Each one contains a regular full CD length of tracks. I am gonna share all the ones that I have because they are amazing.

I have since learned that these comps are not linked to Flexipop! the magazine besides the use of the name. The intent was to pay tribute to the spirit of the sounds highlighted by Flexipop! in the early 80s. The bootleg compilations appeared in file-share programs in the 90s and I gobbled them all up.

Enjoy Volume II

Thanks for listening 🖤🙏🏻

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