Our friend Rob Coons, who had the mutual pleasure of being one of my only ever roommates back in 2001 has had his finger on the pulse of culture since long before we were lucky enough to meet and make friends with one another working at EPICENTER RECORDS (Look it up) in San Francisco. I think I started in 1995, he was already there. He and Barry McGee stuck up for me when I was the one who painted over the giant Twist mural in the back because of a law suit. He made serious inquiries about my health when I painted over the heroin bathroom that no one who worked at Epicenter would go into. AND he has been a source of constant and consistent love and friendship in my life for all these years.

Break out all of your back issues of Maximum Rock and Roll and read his column of MANY MANY YEARS! Tune in to MRR Radio for his selections. And watch here we will post more mixes from him.

Follow his @robcoons [On Instantgram] for amazing scene report photos from the Bay Area and beyond!



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